On your feet all day? Try insoles.


If you are on your feet all day long, then try our Walk on Water Insoles with LiquiCell.

One Insole that does it all! Use it for all your activities… Walking, Running, Tennis, Dancing, Hiking, or even Dancing without any more foot pain!

Walk on Water Insole helps reduce feet, knees, hips and back problems. LiquiCell acts to dissipate forces and lubricate at point of contact.

LiquiCell Insole by Walk on Water Insole greatly surpass those offered by other comfort technologies, such as gels, foams or air, which break down over time or require maintenance. More importantly, medical and scientific evidence proves that while gels, foams and air do provide some relief of discomfort though perpendicular pressure reduction, they do not protect against the harmful effects of friction and shear stress.

Get rid of aching, tired and sore feet. LiquiCell provides enhanced comfort where others leave off. Next time you are planning on standing or walking for an extended period, use our Walk on Water Insole and Inserts with LiquiCell. We think you will like them so much that you’ll want a pair for all your shoes!

In addition to our Insoles, try our LiquiCell Inserts for Sandal, Flip Flops, Women’s and Men’s dress shoes, open heels, Our Inserts are very lightweight and thin. Just peel off the paper backing and stick them on your sandals or high heels at the ball of your feet and heels. Simple instructions are included with the Inserts.

LiquiCell Insole & Shoe Inserts – So thin yet so effective, they reduces shear friction and fatigue, equalizes pressure, improves blood flow by 150%, thin, liquid filled membrane mimics the body protective mechanism, the bursa sac.

When it comes to relieving foot pain, not all insoles or orthotics are the same. Our insoles and inserts are designed not to take too much room. Other gel or foam products take too much room and you end up not wearing them. Watch our LiquiCell Video to see how LiquiCell works.

Many popular brands of insoles have either gel or foam. With foam insoles you need to replace them within a few days as the material quickly looses the cushioning effect. Our Walk on Water Insole has liquid filled membrane strategically placed at the ball of the feet and heel. This thin, liquid filled padding is designed to relieve discomfort in the heel and metatarsal areas. When placed between the shoe and a point of pressure on the foot, it helps reduce soft tissue damage by relieving stress, improving blood circulation. This is also quite different than some liquid filled insoles, which have the liquid circulating back and forth from heel to front, which gives you an uncomfortable feeling and can affect the stability and balance of the shoes. The challenge with gel insoles is that they take too much room and the consistency of the gel tends to be thick, which in turn causes a tight fit which can hamper circulation.

LiquiCell is an ultra-thin liquid filled technology designed and proven to reduce discomfort and fatigue you experience over time in footwear.

THE COMFORT OVER TIME SOLUTION – Our Comfort Over Time Solution combines all factors involved with discomfort in footwear and allow the wearer to say “I feel great” even after an extended period of time.

We had a customer who looked at our insole and said that it is so thin and he doubts it will do the job. We asked him to try it on his daily rounds to meet his customers. The next day he called us and was very happy that he got the insole. He stopped by our office and got 5 more pairs for all his shoes.

Using an innovative combination of a low viscosity fluid and strategically placed seal points that control the flow of liquid, LiquiCell reduces foot discomfort, friction and fatigue. By equalizing perpendicular pressure at the point of contact (thus reducing pressure), soft tissue compression is greatly reduced thereby significantly reducing skin friction and soft tissue shear stress.

Medical and scientific evidence proves that while gels, foams and air do provide some relief or discomfort though perpendicular pressure reduction, they do not protect against the harmful effects of friction and shear stress, two of the most influential factors related to foot discomfort.

Now, with our Insole with LiquiCell you can go about doing your normal activities and get relief from not only foot pain, but also get relief from not only foot pain, but also get relief from pain in the knee, ankle and hip. When your body is relaxed, you don’t tend to lean heavily on one side to compensate from the pressure points you may have on other points. By reducing perpendicular pressure, our insoles provide you to stand or walk with less pressure on the sensitive parts. LiquiCell is also currently use in a wide variety of products like our Extended Comfort Seat Pad and LiquiCell Shoe Inserts, in car seats in various models of Toyotas, gardening gloves, bedding pads, high end office chairs by Recaro, long distance trucking seats, bicycle seat and many other products.

Experience walking on a very thin layer of water! Our Walk on Water Insoles are designed to improve comfort and reduce fatigue over time. Next time you are at a trade show or plan on standing or walking for an extended period, use our LiquiCell Insoles. Just place them either on top of your current foot bed or in place of it. Can take the place of your orthotics or on top of your orthotics. For your initial experience, use only in one shoe to compare, and we are sure the other foot will be barking for our Insoles – Walk on Water Insoles with LiquiCell.

As we grow older our feet age like the rest of our body. We begin to lose the once plump cushions in the feet. In the body, in places where the mechanical load can become too high on bone muscles tissue, bursae are found. The bursa function in two ways: lubricating points of friction and dissipating force by distributing it through a liquid medium. Liquicell is an ultra-thin membrane technology specifically designed to improve comfort and acts as a shield at the point of contact. Try this innovative technology in our Walk on Water Insole and LiquiCell Shoe Inserts now!

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